Find on-demand courses to help you escape the rat race, travel, freelance, build or grow an online business, and maximize your freedom.



Travel Writing Course - Everything You Need To Know

Travel writing 101: How to build a full-time career as a travel writer

Learn how to break into the world’s most prestigious publications with your travel writing.


The complete digital nomad course: How to work remotely, live anywhere & love it. 

Everything you need to know to plan and design your life on the road.



How to find your best business idea: Brainstorming & prompts for your perfect lifestyle business. 

Get the inspiration you need to find a business idea that’s best for you.


Build your digital empire: How to productize your skills, free your time & boost your earnings

Learn how to move from service provider to time-rich digital product owner.



Secrets of free PR: How to get constant press coverage without spending a dime

You don’t need big budgets to get big features consistently.


The Complete Copywriting Course: Writing Every Word Your Business or Brand Needs

The complete copywriting course: Writing every word your business or brand needs

Become the best marketer for your business even if that’s not your background.



The complete freelancer website course: Design & content inspiration for your digital calling card

Learn how to build a website that stands out to show how you stand out.


Anyone can freelance: How to find freedom & your dream clients with your existing skills

Freelance your way to time, money, and location freedom.



Passport to pivot: How to confidently reinvent yourself in life & work

A playbook for boldly starting over.


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“I loved this course. I’ve been feeling stuck at my current job and the way Rosie structured the class, her honesty and passion for what she does was inspiring! Rosie made a far off dream seem realistic and tangible so, thank you!”

– Annie Cooper, “Travel Writing 101” Student

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“This class is just spectacular! Rosie has filled it with loads of juicy and practical information without making it overwhelming or intimidating. I have been watching it section by section and tackling the copy for my new business between each video. I would definitely recommend this class! ”

– Jessica Steytler, “The Complete Copywriting Course” Student


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“The level of detail in this class is really mind-blowing. Rosie has pretty much covered everything you need to know before starting and during the early stages of your career too. I knew the class was going to be good given the great reviews, but I didn’t expect it to be this great. Perfect match for me.”

– Vanessa Lima, “Travel Writing 101” Student